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Friday, December 12, 2014

My Menu

Hello Friends!! I have MISSED YOU!! If you need any of these recipes please please let me know and I will post them!!

Saturday 13
Lunch-turkey bacon avocado roll ups and fruit

Sunday 14th Christmas Dinner
Breakfast-malto meal, bacon and hard boiled eggs
Lunch-smoked trout cheese ball and crackers or pork rinds
Dinner-spiral cut ham, funeral potatoes, broccoli, hot bread, and cherry cream cheese pie

Monday 15th
Breakfast-granola and yogurt
Dinner-fajita burgers and cauliflower

Tuesday 16th
Breakfast-bacon egg and cheese sandwiches
Dinner-cauliflower rice burrito bowls w cali rice

Wed 17
Breakfast-eggs and sausage
Dinner-taco soup

Thursday 18
Breakfast- bangers and mash
Dinner- shrimp scampi over noodles or cauliflower
Breakfast-eggos or bacon and eggs
Dinner-corn dogs and fries

Saturday 20
Dinner-grilled chicken and baked potatoes

Sunday 21
Lunch-simple nachos
Dinner-chili for the party

Monday 22
Lunch-egg salad sandwiches and chips
Dinner- chicken enchilada soup

Tuesday 23
Breakfast egg and toast
Lunch-smoked sausages and chips
Dinner-pizza party!! (home made dough) root beer and boneless wings

Wednesday 24
Breakfast-frozen sandwiches and hashbrowns
Dinner-pulled pork sliders, chips, dog food dip, smokies, spinach and artichoke dip oranges and apples

Thurs 25
Breakfast-egg scramble casserole
Dinner-YOYO (leftovers etc

Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Menu!

Monday 20th
Breakfast-3+1 omelet with sauteed veggies, wheat toast and 1 C Berries
Lunch-Cobb Salad w homemade balsamic dressing
Dinner-salsa chicken and slow cooker refried beans in lettuce wraps and veggies 

Tuesday 21
Breakfast-1 Cup nonfat Greek yogurt ½ C berries and whole wheat toast
Lunch-Stir fry over quinoa and tomato cucumber salad with lemon juice
Dinner-tilapia, squash and broccoli

Wednesday 22
Breakfast- oatmeal, an apple and Greek yogurt
Lunch-mini turkey meatloaf with tomato and onion in a lettuce “bun”
Dinner-Chicken Garbanzo Nicoise Salad and roasted veggies w salad

Thursday 23
Breakfast-3+1 omelet, roasted yam hash browns and berries
Lunch-chicken broth with garbanzos and veggies
Dinner-baked chicken with sauerkraut, veggies and apples
sliced cucumbers with no oil hummus
apple and cheese stick
berries and greek yogurt
skinny shake

apple and peanut butter

I am loving the below mentioned Bob Harper's Skinny rules and even with some cheating my husband and I have lost some weight! He is down 10lbs and I am down 8.5lbs! Yay! It is no where as hard as I thought it would be and we are full continually. (except before bed which is part of the plan.)  :) I am missing sugar though! He wants no sugar.  Including artificial sweeteners. Those desires can be dealt with on our splurge time luckily.  

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Menu!

Tuesday Dec 31
Lunch-cream cheese and bagels
Dinner-PARTY!! (late late after my duties are complete) Mashed potato bar, buffalo dip, soda cracker candy, slutty brownies

Wednesday Jan 1
Dinner-tamales and chicken posole

Thursday 2
Breakfast-malto meal
Lunch-what ya got
Dinner-Chicken and brown rice and broccoli

Friday 3
Breakfast-muffins and fruit
Lunch-grilled cheese and tomato soup
Dinner-date night for mom and dad and spaghetti for kids

Sat 4
Breakfast-Cinnamon toast and yogurt
Lunch-Brookelyns baptism
Dinner-clam chowder and garlic bread

Sunday 5
Breakfast-french toast
Lunch-Easy shepherds pie
Dinner-cheesy chips and salsa

Monday 6 (meatless Monday)
Breakfast-cereal and oranges
Dinner- Zucchini mushroom pasta, fruit

Tuesday 7
Dinner-BBQ chicken rice and stir fry

Wednesday 8
Breakfast-cereal and fruit
Dinner- mock abaloney, saucy rice and veggies

Thursday 9
Breakfast-malto meal
Dinner-hamburger vegetable soup w cheese

Friday 10
Dinner-kid dinner and date night for mom and date

This year we are considering following Bob Harper's skinny rules.  Have all ya'all tried it? The book is fascinating so far! I am feeling bombarded by 100's of theory's and ideas some out and out contradicting each other.  I want to find something I can do for life and helps me to be healthy and fit. Especially if that includes losing some weight. The things I am reading so far make sense to me anyway.

 Also for new years resolutions I chose to 
1. take things day by day more and be in the moment more

2. All of the family will have the opportunity to learn to play the piano. How you ask? From my dear mentor/friend Ms Merrilee Webb and her program. Click here to read more. I for one will be participating!! (so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

3. Continue to exercise 5 days a week

4. Commit to become closer to my Lord and Savior.

5. Fix the food issues...see above... 

What are your goals? Do you believe in resolutions? 

 LOVES for ME!!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cheese Stick Sandwich

Cheese stick Sandwich (a guilty pleasure)
This sandwich is so good! It is a naughty little thing that should not be eaten by anyone who is concerned about their calorie intake but by those who want something so good its bad.  LOL! it tastes very much like a cheese stick which explains the name. 
Makes 4 sandwiches

1 package of 8 slices of frozen garlic bread
8 slices of provolone
your favorite marinara sauce (I just used canned spaghetti sauce)

Allow garlic bread to thaw. Place 4 pieces in a warm fry pan/skillet. Add 2 slices of provolone cheese onto each of the 4 pieces of bread in your pan.  Add remaining 4 pieces of garlic bread to the top of the cheese.  Grill sandwich until golden and then flip to brown the second side. Dip sandwiches in marinara sauce to eat.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

My Menu

Sat 19
Breakfast-french toast
Lunch-egg salad sandwiches and baby carrots
Dinner-lemon clam spaghetti Caesar salad and homemade bread

Sun 20
Breakfast-eggs and toast
Early dinner-squash bisque and corn bread

Mon 21
Breakfast-malto meal and raisins
Dinner-oven fried chicken, crock pot baked potatoes and sweet carrots and chocolate caramel turtle cake of wonder

Tues 22
Breakfast-cereal and bananas
Dinner-Minestrone and hot bread

Wed 23
Breakfast-oatmeal and orange halves
Dinner-French bread pizza, jello jigglers

Thurs 24
Breakfast-toast and jam and yogurt
Dinner-bourbon chicken without the bourbon, brown rice and apple raisin carrot slaw

Fri 25
Breakfast-eggs and toast and OJ
Dinner-kid approved dinner and date night for mom and dad

Sat 26
Lunch-frozen pizza, veggie sticks and cookies
Dinner-soup and toast

Sun 27
Breakfast-cottage cheese and pears and muffins
Dinner-smothered chicken, butter nut squash mash, peas

Mon 28
Breakfast-yogurt and fat free pumpkin muffins
Dinner-Chipped beef on toast, butter carrots and sherbet

Tues 29
Breakfast-cereal and OJ
Dinner-double tator casserole, sliced tomatoes

Wed 30
Breakfast- PB and J toast

Thursday 31 HALLOWEEN !!
Breakfast-little vampires and candycorn fruit cups
Dinner-7 layer monster guts with fried bat wings, creamsicle ghosts, and dirt and worms for dessert

Fri 1
Dinner-kid approved dinner and date night for mom and dad

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Menu

Tuesday 8th
Breakfast-oatmeal and sliced bananas
Dinner-baked potatoes with seafood sauce and veggies

Wed 9th
Breakfast-cereal and raisins

Dinner-Cabbage rolls, hot homemade rolls, fruit

Thurs 10h
Breakfast-cereal and OJ
Dinner-Chicken Oriental Salad, green beans

Friday 11
Breakfast-french toast and oranges
Dinner-Easy Kid dinner and date night for mom and dad

Sat 12
Breakfast-malto meal
Lunch-Garlic bread grilled cheese with marinara dipping sauce and baby carrots
Dinner-hamburgers fries and pumpkin cookies

Sunday 13
Brunch- cream of tomato soup and oyster crackers
Dinner-roast turkey breast, mashed potatoes and veggies

Monday 14
Breakfast-malto meal and oranges
Dinner-turkey sandwiches and chips and orange coconut cake

Tuesday 15
Breakfast-cereal and oranges
Dinner-ratatouille with garlic cheese biscuits

Wed 16
Breakfast-oatmeal and OJ
Dinner-lemon clam spaghetti, Caesar salad and fresh homemade bread

Thurs 17
Breakfast-cereal and OJ
Lunch-tuna sammies, baby carrots and chips
Dinner-Squash bisque and corn bread

Fri 18
Breakfast-malto meal and OJ
Lunch-cheese sandwiches and baby carrots
Dinner-kids dinner and date night for mom and dad

Friday, September 20, 2013

I'm back! My Menu

Hello friends! Be sure to contact me if you would like any of these recipes! I've missed you!

Saturday 21
Lunch-what ya got
Dinner-FOOTBALL WATCHIN' FOOD! Buffalo chicken dip and crackers, super sammys, macys tailgate box, and Oreo peanut butter cup no bake dessert

Sunday 22
Brunch-pumpkin chocolate chip muffins
Dinner-bbq chicken bacon pizza and green salad

Monday 23
Breakfast-eggs and toast
Dinner-grilled garlic bread mozz sandwiches with marinara dipping sauce and grapes and low fat strawberry swirl cheesecake

Tuesday 24
Breakfast-oatmeal and fruit
Dinner-double tator casserole and veggies

Wednesday 25
Breakfast-freezer breakfast burritos
Dinner-quick easy enchilada casserole and veggies

Thursday 26
Breakfast-ham and egg sandwiches
Dinner-baked tilapia rice pilaf and veggies

Friday 27 (kids home from school)
Breakfast-breakfast burritos from the freezer
Lunch-hamburgers and fries

Dinner-pizza for kids date night for mom and dad