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Monday, June 21, 2010

My first Award!! I am OH SO HAPPY!! Thank you Straight Stitches!!!

I Got my first Blog AWARD!!! WOOO HOOO!!! I am moving up in the world my friends! Today the blog tomorrow the world!! OK.  You are right. Perhaps a little crazy but I am uber excited!! (is that a word?) I feel like I could just jump out of my skin run over to the corner have a convulsion and jump back in!! HA HA!!! Thank you to Straight Stitches for thinking of me! She must see something good in me and that does my heart good! I love her blog too! You MUST check it out here!!!  You may also remember when I featured her here!!
Now for the rules of the award....
the guidelines for accepting this award are...

1. thank the person/people who gave it to you.

{Thank you Straight Stitches}

share 7 things about yourself.

pass the award on to 15 bloggers,

whom you have recently discovered,

and think are fantastic.

So to share 7 things about myself.....well here goes.....YIKES!!

1. I am in total, absolute, Edward Bella kinda love with my high school sweetheart, and when I say in love, I mean with a purple passion! I love that man of mine. Oh BTW we are married too. 
(wouldn't that be awkward if we weren't?!? Hee Hee!!)
2. I love to create! Whether it is crafts or meals or anything in between I just love to do it and love how it makes me feel when I have.

3.    I had 4 kids for a good 7 years and was totally done. Then our sweet youngest baby snuck in under the fence. So now I have 5 and will never ever say we are done again or get rid of everything.  I swear that is why she came.  God has a sense of humor!! (although the family feels complete and hope that the baby bearing chapter has closed.) 4 girls and a boy 17-3years and YES the hormone fairy has come to stay at my house! Heaven help me!

4. Diet Pepsi is my friend.  I try to break off the relationship and it crys and begs me to stay.  Someday I will have to rid myself of the monkey for my back but poor little Poopsi(we are on a nick name basis) gets so pitiful and sad when I tell it no more that I just cant bare it.  I will do it, but not today. Probably not tomorrow either.

5. I am desperately trying to lose weight but it keeps finding me!! ARGH!

6. I love to laugh! Probably more than is appropriate but it is kinda a defense mechanism.  Its better to laugh than to cry. Plus it feels great too!!

7. Music makes me very happy.  Whether I am singing playing listening or dancing I love it!

Now for 15 blogs to share this wonderful award with....(in no particular order)

loves to all!!

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