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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This and That and Things I'm So looking forward to!!

I am so excited for the month of July!!
First I should say I am officially a Christmas NUT!! I made it officially official when as my family and I were rearranging the furniture in our living room this week I spent 45 minutes trying to decide where the Christmas Tree would go. (6 months from now) I love everything about Christmas from the music to the decorations the giving of gifts and especially the FEELINGS.  I love how it is a season of caring for those less fortunate than ourselves and being grateful for all that we have.   A time when family becomes a focus and we take extra care to spend time with those we love and to make the season special. That we remember The Savior and his sacrifices for us. I even love Santa and believe that he can co exist with my religious views just fine.  At our house it doesn't have to be one or the other.
Why oh why only once a year?!? 
Lets revisit them now!!
Lets have Christmas In July!!!
SO....For the Month of July its all Christmas all the time!!! WooHoo!!! I will have special treat recipes, traditions, decorations and gift ideas galore! Even my first linky party and a Giveaway!! Its going to be a partay!!!
loves to all!


  1. There's my girl! You are truly into Christmas all year round. I am glad you have decided to share your passion with everyone here and hope they can find something to help make their season special this year. I love you Emi!

  2. Man, if only you could supply a little Christmas weather! I'm dying down here in the deep South!


  3. Woot!!! I am so excited!! This is going to be fun!

  4. Hi there! I just found your blog and I love, love, love it! I am constantly scouting for holiday ideas, recipes, crafts and whatnot. I'm so glad to find another Christmas nut out in bloggyland!