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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Christmas Elf Comes to Visit and IS a Bad Naughty Baby!! LOL!

Every year the day after Thanksgiving or Black Friday (I LOVE Black Friday but that's a different post) we have an elf arrive direct from the north pole (for elf passports letters and report forms etc go HERE!) to keep an eye on our children and report to Santa how they are doing.  The picture above is this years new elf because my Grandma had the very same elf and after much searching he will finally be coming to my house (Santa likes to keep them in the family if he can) but we have used many other "elves" in the past.  Even a stuffed bear wearing elf clothes.  The little elf is only able to move and do things when no one is looking and for whatever reason Santa always sends us a fair to partly naughty elf. Here is a list of some of the shenanigans the little bounder has gotten into for us to discover the next morning!!
PS I have recruited the older non believers to help take this task on and they love love love it!
Win Win I say!!
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hanging from ceiling fan

looking at Christmas catalogue

trying to open a gift

inside the kids jacket sleeves

mess of flour on cupboard and snow angels or footprints

eating candy with wrappers all over floor

looking at a Christmas book, while sitting on the couch

playing Lego on the floor

wrapped in toilet paper, in the bathroom

sitting with my digital camera, and their are pics of them on the camera

sitting in a mixing bowl, with a recipe book

stuck in the kids' backpacks

hiding in Christmas tree

with craft supplies & stickers for gifts

sitting on couch, playing wii

brushing teeth

drinking hot cocoa

in the fridge

playing hot wheels

sitting at the table with a glass and plate (crumbs)

building blocks and hiding in their creation

stringing mini lights on tree and getting caught in them

sitting at my computer, with a Christmas website (or maybe an elf picture) on the screen.

Reindeer hanging from the ceiling fan in an attempt to help them learn to fly (they're in training).

Elf delivers Small Christmas tree in rooms.

 Elf runs away to friend's house.

Snowflakes hang from the ceiling to make it feel more like home.

Elves are caught watching a "new" Christmas DVD.

Advent Calendar pieces for one of the days are missing and wind up with the Elf.

Elves are caught drinking Red Bull from a straw to get "Fairy" wings.

 In a Basket with Christmas craft project

Elves hide and leave "snowflake" clues for us to find.

Elves make a snow family out of Styrofoam balls and leave instructions for 1 more.

Cracker crumbs everywhere…and Elves found guilty on the counter surrounded by them.

Elves offer up a Christmas story book

Elves get into the little people and are found driving tractors and riding horses.

Snowball fight in the living room. (marshmallows)

Elf breakfast awaits. Red & green pancakes, red juice, green eggs, etc..

-Elves show up in freezer with ice cream treats

-Elves decorate kitchen with gingerbread plates and such for gingerbread night.

-Elves found with Barbies "playing"

- Elves found playing with Nativities

-Elves found with all Christmas movies pulled out with popcorn

-Elves found with all Christmas books pulled off of shelf ready for basket

-elves make special elf snack mix

-elves with baking mess everywhere, sugar cookie dough found chilling in fridge ( maybe one elf on counter other with dough in fridge)

Comment and let me know what you think!
Do you have elves at your house?
I'd love to hear about your traditions!!

loves to all!!


  1. That is a hoot! What a sweet tradition!

    My favorite is:

    Elves are caught drinking Red Bull from a straw to get "Fairy" wings

  2. This is so rad! I am doing this this year! Especially with grandma's elf!!

  3. This is so much fun! Glad you posted the list, was fun making it over the years. Our kids have always loved this tradition, and am sure it will continue for years to come.
    Love you Emi! Cant wait to see what tomorrow brings... :)

  4. I think I was raised under a rock!! I had never heard of this idea until last year when I went over to a coworkers house and was like "What the heck is that!!" And yeah, he moves?! I totally almost blew it right in front of her kids! However, I do love this idea!! I didn't realize that you can actually buy that same elf.