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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A fun tradition with Wrapping Paper!!!

A few years ago when my children were smaller we ran into a little trouble with our Christmas presents.  As I would wrap my presents a few at a time, I would simply put them under the tree. No big deal right? (Marathon wrapping sessions are not for me. Ive done it a few times and it wasn't fun. I do what I can to avoid it!)  Mind you, I knew that there were many more still waiting to be wrapped and that everything would be equal when it was all said and done, but my kids obviously did not know that. (why they didn't trust that their father and I would do right by them I am still not quite sure) I came into our living room one evening to see all of the presents stacked and sorted in individual piles for each child and some with big grins on their faces and some with tears. I vowed this would not happen again!!! The solution? I buy 6 different coordinating papers. 1 different paper for each child and one for all the others outside our home and for myself and my husband to share. (these have tags)  The presents for the children will not have any name tags. I make myself a key so that I don't forget which paper is for who. (wouldn't that be a mess if I wrapped them wrong). Shhh!! It's a secret until Christmas Eve!!!  Now they spend the season trying to decide who's papers are for who.  Much more fun! On Christmas eve they each pick a Jammie package they think might wrapped in their paper. When they unwrap some are correct and keep the Jammie's and some need to trade. They end up with only a few hours to peak under the tree at which presents will be theirs to open in the morning, and it makes for a beautifully colorful display under the tree!! Now that they are older, we love this tradition and we do it every year. (even if the need isn't necessarily there anymore)
Kids with their picked paper and Jammies
Kids opening and some switching their Jammie's.

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