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Friday, July 2, 2010

Homemade Hot Cocoa-This makes a Ginormous Batch Perfect For Neighbor Gifts

I got this wonderful recipe, (and when I say wonderful I mean it is SO SO good!) from my sweet elegant creative mother.  She is amazing!! She was creative before blogs and the Internet! This mix would be awesome with a couple of mugs, some chocolate covered spoons and some candy cane stirrers and considering how much it makes would be very inexpensively priced too!!
Nana’s Special Hot Cocoa

(Makes a huge batch)

36 oz hot chocolate

36 oz Powdered creamer

1 ½ C Dry milk

1 lb powdered sugar

½ C Plain chocolate cocoa

Mix together

To serve add equal parts hot water to cocoa mixture stir and drink

The Trendy Treehouse
Mommy’s Kitchen

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