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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hey Going to A Wedding? Need an Awesome Gift! Take a look at this!!

I love to give a "Blue Plate Special" as a bridal shower gift or wedding gift (Christmas gift would be great too) along with this awesome poem! Its a great way for a family to celebrate that someone or something special and makes for a great tradition! Sometimes I will include an entire place setting and sometimes just the plate.  The vinyl is made from a high grade quality outdoor vinyl designed to be permanent and can be thrown in the dishwasher etc (but I would still recommend hand washing just to be on the safe side)  
Here is the best part of the whole deal...The poem..(please if you use the poem give credit where credit is due!! Thanks!)

“Blue Plate Special”

Here’s a blue plate special

For the Hill family

It’s to help build a tradition

Of family unity.

It’s made for those special occasions

When you want to celebrate.

And a very special person

Gets to use this special plate.

It’s for birthday’s and baptisms,

Ordination and the like.

It honors someone with good grades

Or one who learned to ride a bike.

It’s for one who gets a mission call,

Or a brand new diamond ring,

Or a raise at work, a scout award,

Or any special thing.

It brings to you our wishes

That its use may bring you cheer-

And add some to your happiness

In every coming year

Loves to all!!

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  1. I love this gift idea! Thanks so much for sharing it, did you write the poem? Just want to make sure I give the creative credit when I give the gift. I'd love to use this in a post and send some of my readers your way--what do you think?

  2. Awww...so cute! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

  3. What a wonderful wedding gift idea! Thanks for linking up to the giveaway party @ Straight Stitches.