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Friday, September 17, 2010

Rhodes Bakery and A New Blogger Friend!

Last night our Church ladies group went to Rhodes Bakery and had a product demo which included lots of great ideas, plenty of samples (YUM-O!!!!! talk about carbo loading! I think I am ready to run a marathon now) and AND!!! each of us got to take our choice of dough home with us!! The hostess, Heidi V, was so awesomely fun and we just had a blast! I was even lucky enough to be given a cook book for FREE! A ten dollar value for the rest of the ladies!! 15 on the site.  (somehow being the biggest problem child Heidi has ever come in contact with has its perks! WOOT WOOT!!)  Maybe I should have told Heidi that I was going to buy one anyway but no, not me.....I took the book and RAN>>>>>>!!! LOL!
Want to get one for yourself??? GO here! I love Rhodes rolls and  bread dough and use them all the time! If you aren't familiar with rhodes you should be! They are a woman's best friend! They make it possible for my family to have hot bread that some have claimed is a dieing art.  NO WAY! Not with Rhodes in the house!
I am so glad I went for 2 reasons! First I had a great time with the ladies and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and second, I met a fellow blogger who happened to come on the wrong night accidentally. She has a totally awesome blog! (we fellow bloggers seem to relate to each other like no one else can right?) Her blog is wannabebalanced and she was SO friendly and an absolute doll too! Her blog is all about tips and how to's to keep ourselves balanced in our crazy mom/women lives. (she even gave me a few great tips on running my blog better for me)  Check her out here!!  You are gonna love the blog! I do! 
PS she is running an amazing giveaway! Don't miss that either!


  1. You are so sweet!!! I really enjoyed talking to you last night, and look forward to getting to know you better. You're awesome!!! I just became you 100th follower :)

  2. I love Rhodes rolls. I posted a recipe using their dough on my blog once. A few weeks later I got an email from them asking for my address. They sent me out 4 of their not even in the freezer section new rolls to try! They are an awesome company with a great product!