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Friday, September 24, 2010

You May Have Already Won!! (Sorry Ed McMann, I stole your line LOL!!)

Remember these? Wanna win some? Go here to the neatest blog called Iamwickedcheap and see what you can do to win her giveaway I am so pleased to be sponsoring! 
 (If you'd just like to buy them you can go here.)

I am SO impressed with this little one! Way to go sweetheart!

PS these would be so awesome scattered all over your house too if your stairs are carpeted etc. 
AND if you are interested in just one phrase (maybe 2 etc?) I would be happy to list a custom listing on etsy for you!
PS be sure to come back next week for more regular posts again! (I am pretty excited for these too!) I have been working my bootox (its a word I swear) trying to get ready to send some pictures of my latest crafts to be juried for a big Dec craft bazaar.  Wish me luck!!

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