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Friday, October 1, 2010

My menu

I love recipes and menus and making great food for my family!  I totally enjoy  reading other peoples menus! Especially when I am in a rut and can't think of anything to serve.  There are a lot of blogs that have their menus posted! Again I love reading them but unfortunately I do my grocery shopping on the weekends and by Monday when most menus are posted I have already finished my shopping up.  So, I thought I would post my menu on Friday.  That way A) I have my menu and shopping list ready to go for the weekend and B) someone else might benefit from it as well.  I will be including recipes here and there as well so that I can link you to some of the great ones. 
I hope you enjoy!
Friday 1st


Lunch-PB&J and baby carrots w dip

Dinner-chimichangas for kids Date night for MOM and DAD

Saturday 2nd

Breakfast-French toast

Lunch-egg salad sandwiches w chips

Dinner-chili, corn bread and peaches

Sunday 3rd

Breakfast-Clone of a Cinnabon

Lunch-stuffed green peppers, green salad and hot rolls

Dinner-grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup with melon

Monday 4th


Lunch-clam chowder and crackers

Dinner-mushroom quiche with fruit

Tuesday 5th

Breakfast-malto meal

Lunch-tuna sandwich filling on crackers

Dinner-funeral potatoes with ham

Wednesday 6th

Breakfast-cereal with milk and raisins

Lunch-PB and J and bananas

Dinner-spaghetti with salad and garlic bread

Thursday 7th


Lunch-hot dogs and chips

Dinner-chicken oriental salad

Friday 8th

Breakfast-French toast

Lunch-quesadillas with salsa

Dinner-chicken fingers and fries for the kids DATE NIGHT DAD AND MOM!!

Saturday 9th

Breakfast-eggs and toast

Lunch-whatchagot (everyone eats leftovers)

Dinner-cheeseburgers and potato salad and veggies

pumpkin cookies
chocolate peanut butter cupcakes

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