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Monday, December 20, 2010

Give an Apron with this Darling Poem!!

I gave an apron and this SO cute poem to 3 very special ladies last year for Christmas. Aprons are so so popular this year it seems.  Now it can be that much more fun!!

The Apron Poem
When I used to visit Grandma.

I was very much impressed,
By her all-purpose apron,
And the power it possessed.
She used it for a basket,
When she gathered up the eggs,
And flapped it as a weapon,
When hens pecked her feet and legs.
She used it for a hot pad,
To remove a steaming pan,
And when her brow was heated,
She used it for a fan.
It dried our childish tears,
When we'd scrape a knee and cry,
And made a hiding place
When the little ones were shy.
Farm produce took in season,
In the summer, spring and fall,
Found its way into the kitchen
From Grandma's carry all.
PS I picked this poem off a forum many years ago.  IF you are the author or know who the author is please please let me know.  I am more than happy to give credit where credit is due.

loves to all!!!

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