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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last Minute Gift Idea-A Giant Pill!!

Looking for an affordable darling last minute gift idea?  Check this out! This is 2 votive candles put together to make one giant pill.  I got 2 boxes of 6 votives each for $1.00!! So this puppy cost me all of $.33 cents! I just touched the bottom of each candle to a warmed pan lined in foil just barely enough to begin to melt and then held the 2 together until it had cooled and stuck. Seem a little too cheap? Get nicer candles.  Like a good Yankee Candle or use bigger candles even. I just tossed it in a organza bag and attached a cute little poem...  Here is the poem I used to go with....Super Cute!!!

When you have a giant headache
Only a giant pill will do
To ease your mounting tensions
Make you feel better through and through

So if you're burning your candle at both ends
(that's a terrible pun, its true)
Unwrap this 'pill' light half, sit down,
Relax-and take some time for you!

Creations by Kara

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