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Friday, December 10, 2010

M&M Christmas Poem-Another Gift Idea

I have had this poem in my files since 2005 and still use it to give as gifts today! It goes wonderfully attached to a bag of M&M Candies!  Everyone loves it! I am not the original writer of this poem but have no idea who is.  If you know PLEASE let me know I will immediately give credit where credit is due! Enjoy!
M & M Christmas Poem

As you hold these candies in your hand

And turn them, you will see

The 'M' becomes a 'W',

An 'E', and then a '3'.

They tell the Christmas Story--

I'm sure it's one you know.

It took place in a stable

A long, long time ago.

The 'E' is for the East,

Where the star shone so bright.

The 'M' is for the Manger,

where the Baby Jesus slept at night.

The '3' is for the Wise men,

Bearing gifts, with which they came.

'W' is for Worship,

Hallelujah! Praise His Name!

So as you eat these candies

Or share them with a friend,

Remember the meaning of Christmas:

It's a love that never ends

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