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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January's Most Popular Post-Valentine's Dinner With Heart!

I love celebrating Valentines Day both with our kids and as a couple!
My sweet hubby and I decided long ago that our favorite way to honor our love is to get a special date/time alone together that day in trade for all the stuffed animals and trinkets we never really know what to do with and the chocolates that we will, of course, simply eat.
(and that's no help with the resolutions) 
As for the kids we like to do something small but enough that they know we remembered and love them so very very much!
 One of the fun things we have been doing for several years is a
 Dessert With Heart/Strawberry shortcake
and this year it will be expanding to dinner with a heart. I am thinking with some"hearty" mac and cheese and some "blossoming love" (either broccoli or brussel sprouts) 
To make the little hearts is way simple.  Just simply cut at a diagonal and reshape to create the heart.
To make "Strawberry shortcake " I use 2 Twinkies frozen strawberries on top with a dollop of cool whip.  NOTE* because Twinkies can not be used on both sides you will need to use 2 and cut on opposite diagonals to make 2. One half from each of the Twinkies.  Make sense? Hopefully the pictures will help....
( The dinner hearts are a stadium brat and little smokies)

PS if you are concerned about them coming apart you can used a toothpick or a dry piece of spaghetti but my children just ate them off their plates and it has never been an issue at our house.
Note the cut going in opposite directions

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