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Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Menu

This picture of Honey Chicken Stir Fry and recipe courtesy of Allrecipes.com

Saturday 21

Lunch-what ya got
Dinner-Chicken Stir fry with rice

Sunday 22
Breakfast-eggs and toast and OJ
Lunch-chicken salad on croissants, green salad
Dinner-apple brats, chips and fruit

Monday 23
Breakfast-malto meal
Lunch-tuna dip and crackers
Dinner-not your average sloppy Joes, French fries and a veggie GG’s cheesecake

Tuesday 24
Lunch-something from the freezer
Dinner-sesame Baked Chicken with Mushroom sauce, three bean salad, hot rolls

Wednesday 25
Lunch-grilled cheese and bananas
Dinner-smoked sausages on buns, pasta salad, veggie

Thursday 26
Breakfast-French toast
Lunch-PB and J and baby carrots
Dinner-stuffed Zucchini and strawberries w sour cream and brown sugar dip

Friday 27
Lunch-cheesy chips
Dinner-easy dinner for kids date night for mom and dad

Saturday 28th
Lunch-soup and crackers
Dinner-burrito casserole, taco rice and a veggie

(this menu may be null and void if we get to head out for memorial day but I figure it is better to plan ahead.  Not to mention having things ready to go when we get home will be nice too!!)

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