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Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Menu!

Sunday 3rd
Breakfast-Cinnamon Coffee Cake
Lunch-Corned beef hash
Dinner-Peach cobbler w vanilla ice cream (we have a big "dinner" at lunch time on Sunday and small stuff for "dinner")

Monday 4th
Breakfast-Stake breakfast and flag raising/carnival
Lunch-hamburgers and hot dogs, and ribs ranch potato salad watermelon at Nan's
Dinner-stuff from the freezer

Tuesday 5th
Lunch-grilled cheese and tomato soup
Dinner-fish fry green beans and muffins

Wednesday 6th
Lunch-PB and bacon sandwiches and peaches
Dinner-Chicken oriental salad

Thursday 7th
Breakfast-scrambled eggs and toast
Lunch-bagels and cream cheese
Dinner-Smoked sausages  stir fry and cookies

Friday 8th
Breakfast-cinnamon toast
Lunch-tuna dip
Dinner-frozen dinners

Saturday 9th
Lunch-fried egg sandwiches
Dinner-baked potatoes w mushroom sauce

Sunday 10th
Breakfast-.egg sandwiches w cheese
Lunch-breaded chicken, hearty pasta salad and Brussels sprouts
Dinner-cottage cheese and peaches

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