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Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Menu!

Saturday 9th
Lunch-tuna dip
Dinner-baked potatoes w mushroom sauce

Sunday 10th
Breakfast-eggs and toast
Lunch-oven fried chicken, hearty pasta salad, and brussel sprouts
Dinner=cottage cheese and peaches

Monday 11th
Lunch-PBand J and fruit
Dinner-Little porkys, veggies, lemon bars

Tuesday 12th
Breakfast-french toast
Dinner-chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes and country gravy, bb carrots

Wednesday 13th
Lunch-bagels and cream cheese
Dinner-cheese fondue with bread cubes, corn chips, broccoli and little smokies

Thursday 14th
Lunch-cheesy chips with salsa
Dinner-taco in a bag

Friday 15th
Lunch-fish sticks and tator tots
Dinner-chicken nuggets and fries for kids and date night for mom and dad

Saturday 16th
Lunch-what ya got
Dinner-BLT sandwiches and smoothies


  1. What are tacos in a bag?! That sounds wonderful!

  2. Taco in a bag is originally a camping recipe but its much easier when you are at home to just mix it up outside the bag but anywho....we take individual size nacho cheese Doritos bags and add all the taco stuff. (at home we just use a big ol' bag of Doritos and share them) Like taco meat, cheese, sour cream, salsa lettuce tomato olives etc whatever you like to eat on tacos and mix it up and eat it out of the bag. (yes the chips get quite broken but we like them that way. Delish!