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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My goals for this week in my Quest for Peace on Earth....

Here is a list of things I intend to accomplish this week in my Quest of Peace on Earth....in my home....this Holiday Season...
1 Create a Holiday calendar (including our daily advents for Dec, family photo shoot day etc)
2. Make a Christmas pin board on Pinterest and start pinning ideas for recipes décor gifts etc!!
3. Start and use a Christmas shopping list
4. Check and review how gifts lists are going
5. Inventory and review unfinished crafts projects
6. Begin a gifts to make list
7. Clean and declutter my bedroom
8. Tackle my closet and store/toss summers stained clothes
9. Inventory wrapping paper so I will know what I need
10. Make place a Christmas card list
11. Make a neighbor gift list
12. Plan a pampering session in Dec
13. Decide where and set a side a place to store bought gifts


  1. YAY Christmas countdown!! I am going to start referring to your lists every week so I can have a happier holiday this year!

  2. Please do! The more the merrier!