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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Starting now to ensure a smooth Holiday Season...My goals for this week.

I am a Christmas NUT! I know some of you may say that this is way to early to be planning for Christmas but trust me I have not made you endure the months of thinking and planning up to now. AHAHAHA!! (my family can testify that this is true) My goal is to have a smooth, peaceful, and enjoyable holiday season.  I DO NOT want to be stressed! I DO NOT want to be running around like a chicken with my head cut off searching for last minute gifts etc.  So here are my goals for this week. I figure even if I don't get them all done every little bit will help in my quest of peace on earth (in my house) and good will to men. (especially the small men and women that I like to call my kids)  When you do start planning your holidays? What have you done already?  I'd love to hear! I love comments!! hint hint.....

1.Review and Tweak my budget so we can avoid over spending which is tempting to me with all the music and decor etc.
2. Start gathering gift ideas for the children, hubby, neighbors, our moms and dads, sibling (for the side that still exchanges) teachers, and co workers etc
3. Remember last Christmas.  What worked and what didn't?  Talk to the kids and discuss with them their take on last Christmas. Make plans for this year accordingly.
4. Spend a small amount time de-cluttering and deep cleaning.  


  1. I already bought one gift! I am crazy excited for Christmas!!!