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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Christmas Goals for The Week

This weeks goals:
1. Start putting all the summer clothes into storage and get the winter clothes/gear out for use.
2. De junk my laundry room 
3. Find out and write down kids clothing sizes for gift buying and decide what they still may need in their wardrobe, including who needs coats this year.  (sounds silly except that I have 5 ever growing kidlets who may or may not be wearing the size I bought them last)
4. Plan photo outfits
5. Find a way to take care of wet boots/shoes to be placed on our landing.  (hard wood gets VERY slippery when wet)
6. start shopping for gifts


  1. I bought 4 presents this week and Lolas pajamas! I am so crazy excited for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too much punctuation?

  2. That is awesome! I am SO SO SO excited for Christmas too! Only 78 days now! loves!