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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Daily Advents-THE Candy Bar Game!!

The day after Thanksgiving we begin our family daily advent activities....
Tonight was "The Candy Bar Game"
Items needed to play...

  • A wrapped candy bar for each player
  • A hat
  • A scarf
  • A pair of gloves or oven mitts
  • A knife
  • A fork
  • A pair of dice.

 To begin the game each player rolls the dice to determine who gets to begin. Play will then follow to the left.  To start each player rolls the dice once and passes to the next person until someone rolls doubles.  When doubles are rolled that player must put on the hat, scarf, gloves and proceed to try to use the fork and knife to open the package, (nothing but the fork and knife may be used including hands).  In the meantime all the other players continue to roll the dice trying to get doubles.  If someone rolls doubles the items must be immediately passed to the one who rolled the new doubles who does as the first player placing the items on and trying to get their candy bar open before someone else rolls doubles.  The first player to take a bite of their candy bar wins!! To make it more difficult you can wrap the candy with newspaper or wrapping paper.  This game is VERY fun and fast paced.  WE LOVE IT!! 

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