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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Inspiration from my Baby Sister and an new blog crush! (life changing really!)

I have been exercising (walking on a treadmill) since Aug 1, 5 days a week.  With. out. fail.  Hoping to lose weight.  I have had several people who have been there and done it, tell me wait until the 6 month mark.  "It will start melting off"  Well, I have until March 1 to see, and I will continue, BUT it gets frustrating!! I have tried LOTS of diets and programs in the past.  It seemed to me that common denominator with each program is burning more calories than you take it.  I am out to prove to myself that IF I burn enough calories I can have all the freedom I need in the food dept. AND be happy.  Is it better to be thin and miserable? NO.  Not for me it isn't. 
Here is my "plan"  
1 increase water intake (we have stopped buying soda for the house except for special occasions. BIG CHANGE for me)
2. get enough sleep (easier said than done in my home)
3. really listen to my body. If it is not asking for food do not feed it and if it is satisfied stop eating.
4. more fruits and veggies
5. Zero denial (if there is something I really want I am going to eat it. (in moderation) with NO guilt. (see the be happy remark)
6. Intentional exercise every day

So far so good but VERY slow results....I was in need of motivation...in comes baby sister!! Check out her post here...thanks Anne Marie!! Just what i needed to keep me going!! THEN today I have discovered the most refreshing blog/lady! She has said exactly what i needed to hear.  She somewhat validates how I am feeling and I have a new blog crush!! Have you heard of 
 OH.MY.GOSH. You must read it all!! I DID! I pray every morning for the Lord to help me resist the temptation to over eat, to be motivated to walk, and to please place me on the path to find the ways to my goal.  I know this is part of that process. An answer to my pleading in some degree. Please check her side bar on the left and read EVERY.SINGLE.LINK.. Seriously.  DO IT. 
What a great day! 
Loves to all!
 PS...are you working on losing or have lost??? I'd love to hear your story!!   


  1. You are so awesome! I am grateful that I get to be your sister! Lets DO IT!!