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Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Menu!

Fri Dec 30
Breakfast-toast w peanut butter and honey
Lunch-fried egg sandwiches
Dinner-pizza for the kids and Date night for mom and dad

Sat Dec 31
Breakfast-toast and jam
Lunch-OUT with the kids!
Dinner-Quick Hoppin John w corn bread, and mock champagne

Sun 1
Breakfast-french toast
Lunch-cheese quesadillas and salsa
Dinner-tamales and posole, sopapilla cheese cake

Monday 2
Lunch-hamburgers and salad
Dinner-spaghetti Homemade asphalt pie

Tuesday 3rd
Breakfast-oatmeal w raisins
Lunch-PB and J with bananas
Dinner-swedish meatballs over noodles and glazed carrots

Wednesday 4th
Lunch- tuna dip
Dinner-zucchini mushroom pasta with cheese bread and fruit

Thursday 5th
Breakfast-malto meal
Lunch-boiled eggs with toast and pears
Dinner-Hamburger vegetable soup w cheese and old fashioned rice pudding

Friday 6th
Lunch-PB and J w baby carrots
Dinner-frozen pizza and date night for mom and dad

Saturday 7th
Lunch-soup and toast
Dinner-Potato franks and sliced tomatoes

Sunday 8th
Breakfast-scrambled eggs and toast
Lunch-fish tacos
Dinner-tuna sandwiches and chips

Monday 9th
Lunch-cottage cheese and peaches
Dinner-chili and Prize Winning Almond Streusel-Cherry Cheesecake Bars 

Tuesday 10th
Breakfast-cinnamon toast
Lunch-hoagie sandwiches and chips
Dinner-Chicken ala king over rice and crisscross salad

Wednesday 11th
Breakfast-applesauce and dumplings
Lunch-fried egg sandwiches and oranges
Dinner-Oven fried chicken, baked potatoes and carrots

Thursday 12
Breakfast-Broiled cheese toast and hot cocoa
Lunch-PB and J and crisscross salad
Dinner-Out for my man’s Birthday!!

Friday 13
Breakfast-malto meal
Lunch-grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup
Dinner- Cup o noodles for the kids BIG Date for mom and dad


  1. I am always amazed by people who create menus. I don't know how you do it?? I'd be thinking, that's not what I want and go off in another direction. How do you stick to the menus you create???Very impressed by your organization!

  2. Tracey you are so sweet!! I wish I was organized...its more of a necessity than anything else that I write my menu. (I need to get everything I could possibly need when I am at the store) If we don't feel like eating something we just skip it and chose something else. Nothing is set in stone. When I make my new menu I refer to the old and add the parts still available because we also go in different directions. LOL!! We are alike, you and I!

  3. Okay so it your oven fried chicken crispy? I have been searching in vain for a good oven fried chicken recipe. You could share it Emma! PLEASE! I need help!

  4. My darlin I have found a brand new oven fried recipe that is even better! OH MY! (tastes like KFC!!) I will make it and blog it! I will send you the recipe too!