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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our Daily Christmas Advent Activities

While my husband and I were discussing with our kids their Christmas memories it became painfully aware to us that, aside from a few very special gifts, our children don't remember much about what the presents have been under the tree from years past.  On the flip side of that they did remember the fun things we have done as a family.  Our traditions meant a lot to them.  It was at this point that we wanted to make an effort to make our time together a priority.  Welcome to the birth of our daily advents....I have had a few requests to see these so here they are. (every year is unique but this is this years) 

  • Nov 25- decorating day
  • Nov 26-Grandma's Birthday
  • Nov 27-Sign and Stuff Christmas Cards (yes everyone signs these)
  • Nov 28-The Candy Bar Game
  • Nov 29-Egg Nog Night
  • Nov 30-Make Advent calendars
  • Dec 1-Our Disney Christmas Sing Along
  • Dec 2-Festival of The Trees (going to see darling daughters Miss Kearns tree)
  • Dec 3-Miss Kearns Holiday Festival
  • (having a child in high places has its benefits LOL)
  • Dec 4-Hot Cocoa Bar while we watch the first presidency devotional on TV
  • Dec 5-Lesson about Christmas around the world 
  • Dec 6- leave shoes out for SinterKlaas to fill
  • Dec 7-Gingerbread houses
  • Dec 8-Appetizer night
  • Dec 9-Christmas craft
  • Dec 10-Family Party and Jingle Bell Jaunt
  • Dec 11-Visit temple square to see the lights
  • Dec 12-Dollar movie (cheapest on Mondays)
  • Dec 13-Christmas coloring and Christmas music
  • Dec 14-Sledding and jelly bean planting
  • Dec 15-Make Sugar cookies
  • Dec 16-Pizza Party 
  • Dec 17-Sib shopping for each other (w money they earn) and family party
  • Dec 18-Christmas dinner
  • Dec 19-Christmas devotional/read the Christmas story from the bible
  • Dec 20-Surprise (you will have to come back on the 21st to see)
  • Dec 21-Deliver neighbor gifts
  • Dec 22-Movie marathon all day in our warm jammies and blackets
  • Dec 23-treat making marathon
  • Dec 24-Dinner and movie jammie opening making cookies for santa etc etc etc
These are so fun and don't cost much money. (we make most all homemade from scratch where we can) Don't get me wrong we still do what we can to give them gifts but I love how much my kids love each other and delight in being with each other. I am grateful for our traditions that hold our family together when the times are tough and are just as important when times are not. I hope you enjoy! I'd  love to hear what your family does to make Christmas special!!


  1. this list made my heart pitter patter! I forgot about jelly bean planting!! That will have to be added somewhere! Oh popsicle seeds how I love thee!

  2. I love how you've created this calendar.... what a great idea!! I wish I had had this when my kids were younger... you really are making the season bright!!