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Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Menu!

Here's the menu....All of these have been altered and adapted for my new diet which is a combo of the dash diet, weight watchers and keeping an eye on the carbs.  All breakfasts include green smoothies (which are literally blended veggies and fruits no milk sugar etc) for the hubs and myself. Gotta get the 10-12 veggies and fruits somehow eh??

Sunday 10
Breakfast- Healthy banana oat bars and cheese sticks
Lunch-Soup and crackers
Dinner-Mexican hamburger helper

Monday 11
Breakfast-Most amazing oatmeal ever!
Lunch-Sandwiches and veggie sticks
Dinner- homemade hearty bean and cheese burritos, Snickers fudge

Tuesday 12
Breakfast-Weight watchers apple streusel
Lunch-bean and cheese burritos and sour patch grapes
Dinner- Chicken gyros and salad

Wednesday 13
Breakfast- Pancakes and OJ
Lunch- Chicken Hot dogs and veggies
Dinner- stuffed cabbage casserole

Thursday 14
Breakfast-cereal and raisins
Lunch-lunch kabobs
Dinner- Chicken fried rice and PIE for Pie day!!!! 3.14 get it???

Friday 15
Breakfast-bananas and broiled cheese toast and hot cocoa
Lunch-PB and J sammies and apples
Dinner-Kid Dinner, Date night for mom and dad

Saturday 16
Breakfast-Waffles and oranges
Lunch-chicken salad sandwiches baby carrots and pickles
Dinner-V-8, waffles and sausage patties

Sunday 17
Breakfast-lucky charms and green milk
Lunch-imitation crab and cocktail sauce with rolls
Dinner-corn beef and cabbage w baby carrots and red potatoes grasshopper mint cookies

Monday 18
Lunch-chicken nuggets and veggies
Dinner-Sour cream enchiladas, asparagus and bananas
Asparagus Peanut butter no bake candy bars

Tuesday 19
Breakfast-malto meal
Lunch-tilapia cheese cubes and pears
Dinner-Five minute pizzas carrot and raisin slaw

Wednesday 20
Lunch-PB and J w dates
Dinner-clam chowder apple and grapefruit salad

Thursday 21
Breakfast-waffles and sliced oranges
Lunch-fried egg sandwiches and chocolate banana shakes
Dinner-Petite Lasagnas w Brussels sprouts

Friday 22
Breakfast-eggs and toast and OJ
Lunch-cream cheese and bagels and broccoli
Dinner-soup for kids date night for mom and dad

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