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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Monster Cookies-Pinterest Interest

My cute sister suggested these yummilishious (yes I think I just made up a word) cookies to me and I am so glad that she did! You can check out her blog here...  (she is a doll! You are going to love her!) I can't say they are healthy but they do not have any gluten and none of the "weird" ingredients that some gluten free baked goods have.  It was so refreshing to eat something tasty, baked and with out the pain. It does have oats but they aren't something that gets to me.  I know for some people eating a gluten free diet oats are trouble.  SO sorry if this is you!! Love you anyway! They are on my pinterest boards and you can find the original recipe Here at Mel's Kitchen Cafe.  Go get it and try it! PS I would recommend following Mel's Kitchen Cafe...It is an amazing resource of recipes!

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