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Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Menu!

Saturday 26
Breakfast-YOYO (you are on your own)
Lunch-Not your average sloppy joes over fries
Dinner-Veggie stir fry over brown rice

Sunday 27
Breakfast-scrambled egg cups
Lunch-sliced apples and cheese cubes
Dinner-Barley and Mushrooms crockpot Monster cookies

Monday 28
Breakfast-Grits or malto meal
Lunch-BBQ!!-grilled chicken, fall off the bone ribs and steak, ranch potato salad, Corn on the cob, Country baked beans, and watermelon
Dinner-YOYO (leftovers if anyone could possibly be hungry) maybe snow cones using the lovely blender

Tuesday 29
Breakfast-savory grits and orange slices
Lunch-stir fry over brown rice
Dinner-mock abaloney, Brussels sprouts and quinoa

Wednesday 30
Breakfast-cereal w strawberries
Lunch-three bean salad and bananas
Dinner-Sesame baked chicken w mushroom sauce and cabbage

Thursday 31
Breakfast-OJ and sweet grits
Lunch-Peanut butter and apples
Dinner-slow cooker taco soup, strawberry special

Friday 1
Breakfast-breakfast casserole/burritos (LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!)
Lunch-Take Gabby out to celebrate graduating elementary!!
Dinner-DATE NIGHT FOR MOM AND DAD chimmichangas for the kids per request

Saturday 2
Dinner-apple brats-good food chips

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