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Monday, July 16, 2012

My menu and a vegetarian recipe

My sweet 17 year old  daughter has been suffering with some medical issues and we have been directed by our doc to limit her meat intake and increase her veggies and fruits.  Sound familiar?? Yeah.  Something tells me we are destine to head in this direction as a family. In my quest for great vegetarian recipes I found a super recipe on pinterest that actually came from Eating Well.com.  We had it tonight for dinner and love love loved it! Check out the link and give it a shot! 
Click here! 
Tijuana Torta
(picture above belongs to eatingwell.com
PS we used nice chibatta rolls instead of the baguettes due to availability 
Also you should know that we are still avoiding gluten for the most part but not 100%.  It is VERY difficult but we are still working with it the best we can and still believe it is the best choice for our family and especially for the lady of the house. When you see gluten on the menu know that I am most likely eating a sub instead of the wheat product

Monday 16
Breakfast-PB and Honey toast and OJ
Lunch-Pastrami sandwiches and plums
Dinner-Tijuana Torta sliced tomatoes and thirty minute cocoa cake

Tuesday 17
Lunch-bagels w cream cheese and grilled zucchini
Dinner-Peppered turkey and cranberry sandwiches, Brussels sprouts and pineapple

Wednesday 18
Breakfast-cereal and OJ
Lunch-fruity chicken romaine wraps
Dinner-Greek Cabbage Casserole

Thursday 19
Breakfast-French toast
Lunch-bagels and cream cheese and fruit

Friday 20
Breakfast-Yogurt and muffins and OJ
Lunch-PB and J and applesauce
Dinner-frozen pizza per the kids request date night for mom and dad

Saturday 21
Breakfast-cereal and plums
Lunch-puff pancake and apples
Dinner-Fried egg sandwiches and applesauce

Sunday 22
Breakfast- Crockpot Apple cinnamon steel cut oats
Lunch-Hot spinach dip
Dinner-Baked Chicken dinner with broccoli
Monday 23
Breakfast-cereal and melon
Lunch-bagels and cream cheese and plums
Dinner-peaches and cottage cheese and pigs in blankets and mint chocolate cookies

Tuesday 24
Breakfast-eggs and toast and OJ
Lunch-Carrot raisin apple slaw
Dinner- taco pizza, flutter nutter stuffed krispie treats

Wednesday 25
Breakfast-toast w jam
Lunch-PB and J and baby carrots
Dinner-YOYO (you are on your own)

Thursday 26
Lunch-grilled cheese sandwiches and baby carrots
Dinner-lemon shrimp, peaches and stuffed celery

Friday 27
Breakfast-French toast
Lunch-tuna dip
Dinner-hot pockets per the kids request date night for mom and dad

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