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Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Menu

Thursday 13
Breakfast-stuffed breakfast bubble biscuits
Lunch-bagels and cream cheese and baby carrots
Dinner-easy chicken noodle soup and hot rolls

Friday 14
Breakfast-toast w PB and honey
Lunch-Cheese sandwiches pickles and fruit
Dinner-hamburger helper per the kids request?? and date night for mom and dad

Saturday 15
Lunch-YOYO (you are on your own)
Dinner-pizza pull apart bread and fruit

Sunday 16
Breakfast-puff pancake
Lunch-Meatloaf garlic mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts
Dinner-hot bread and jam

Monday 17
Lunch-something from the freezer
Dinner-BBQ chicken steamed brown rice and broccoli honey bun cake

Tuesday 18
Breakfast-French toast
Lunch-nuggets and grapes
Dinner-Ham and funeral potatoes and veggies

Wednesday 19
Lunch-Peaches and cottage cheese
Dinner-grilled pineapple teriyaki veggie burgers with guacamole and onion rings

Thursday 20
Lunch-something from the freezer
Dinner-black bean and corn quesadillas with sour cream and salsa

Friday 21
Breakfast-toast w jam
Lunch-PB and J and chips
Dinner-kid dinner date night for mom and dad

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