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Sunday, November 18, 2012

My menu

Sunday 18
Breakfast-puff pancake and oranges
Lunch-Cinnamon toast and fruit
Dinner-Greek Cabbage casserole and glazed carrots

Monday 19
Breakfast-PB and J toast
Lunch-tuna sandwiches and grapes
Dinner-crepes and bacon and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

Tuesday 20
Breakfast-cereal and raisins
Lunch-bagels and cream cheese and bananas
Dinner-quick chicken and rice casserole, veggies and ice cream

Wednesday 21
Breakfast-OJ and toast
Lunch-Super hammy sammys and chips
Dinner-lasagna and garlic bread with salad

Thursday 22 THANKSGIVING!!
Breakfast-pumpkin pie (while we watch the parade)
Lunch-we bring sweet potatoes, rolls and caramel pecan pie
Dinner-cup of noodles or ramen if someone is actually hungry

Friday  23
Lunch-PB and J and fruit
Dinner-Burritos for the kids and Date night for mom and dad

Saturday 24
Breakfast-muffins and OJ
Lunch-Thanksgiving at my Moms we bring Brined turkey, smoked turkey and a chocolate pie
Dinner-Pepperoni bread with marinara dipping sauce
Sunday 25
Lunch- soup and crackers
Dinner-chicken soft tacos beans and rice

Monday 26
Breakfast-cinnamon toast
Lunch-sandwiches celery sticks
Dinner-turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes green bean casserole rolls and cranberry sauce and pie (mini thanksgiving)

Tuesday 27
Breakfast-broiled cheese toast and apple sauce
Dinner-Swiss turkey casserole and veggies

Wednesday 28
Breakfast-malto meal
Lunch-leftovers or something from freezer
Dinner-slow cooker Cheesy chicken tator tot casserole and broccoli

Thursday 29
Breakfast-French toast
Lunch-tuna sandwiches and apples
Dinner-skier stew and hot rolls

Friday 30
Lunch-PB and J and chips
Dinner-pot pies per kids request and date night for mom and dad

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