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Sunday, October 20, 2013

My Menu

Sat 19
Breakfast-french toast
Lunch-egg salad sandwiches and baby carrots
Dinner-lemon clam spaghetti Caesar salad and homemade bread

Sun 20
Breakfast-eggs and toast
Early dinner-squash bisque and corn bread

Mon 21
Breakfast-malto meal and raisins
Dinner-oven fried chicken, crock pot baked potatoes and sweet carrots and chocolate caramel turtle cake of wonder

Tues 22
Breakfast-cereal and bananas
Dinner-Minestrone and hot bread

Wed 23
Breakfast-oatmeal and orange halves
Dinner-French bread pizza, jello jigglers

Thurs 24
Breakfast-toast and jam and yogurt
Dinner-bourbon chicken without the bourbon, brown rice and apple raisin carrot slaw

Fri 25
Breakfast-eggs and toast and OJ
Dinner-kid approved dinner and date night for mom and dad

Sat 26
Lunch-frozen pizza, veggie sticks and cookies
Dinner-soup and toast

Sun 27
Breakfast-cottage cheese and pears and muffins
Dinner-smothered chicken, butter nut squash mash, peas

Mon 28
Breakfast-yogurt and fat free pumpkin muffins
Dinner-Chipped beef on toast, butter carrots and sherbet

Tues 29
Breakfast-cereal and OJ
Dinner-double tator casserole, sliced tomatoes

Wed 30
Breakfast- PB and J toast

Thursday 31 HALLOWEEN !!
Breakfast-little vampires and candycorn fruit cups
Dinner-7 layer monster guts with fried bat wings, creamsicle ghosts, and dirt and worms for dessert

Fri 1
Dinner-kid approved dinner and date night for mom and dad

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