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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Menu!

Tuesday Dec 31
Lunch-cream cheese and bagels
Dinner-PARTY!! (late late after my duties are complete) Mashed potato bar, buffalo dip, soda cracker candy, slutty brownies

Wednesday Jan 1
Dinner-tamales and chicken posole

Thursday 2
Breakfast-malto meal
Lunch-what ya got
Dinner-Chicken and brown rice and broccoli

Friday 3
Breakfast-muffins and fruit
Lunch-grilled cheese and tomato soup
Dinner-date night for mom and dad and spaghetti for kids

Sat 4
Breakfast-Cinnamon toast and yogurt
Lunch-Brookelyns baptism
Dinner-clam chowder and garlic bread

Sunday 5
Breakfast-french toast
Lunch-Easy shepherds pie
Dinner-cheesy chips and salsa

Monday 6 (meatless Monday)
Breakfast-cereal and oranges
Dinner- Zucchini mushroom pasta, fruit

Tuesday 7
Dinner-BBQ chicken rice and stir fry

Wednesday 8
Breakfast-cereal and fruit
Dinner- mock abaloney, saucy rice and veggies

Thursday 9
Breakfast-malto meal
Dinner-hamburger vegetable soup w cheese

Friday 10
Dinner-kid dinner and date night for mom and date

This year we are considering following Bob Harper's skinny rules.  Have all ya'all tried it? The book is fascinating so far! I am feeling bombarded by 100's of theory's and ideas some out and out contradicting each other.  I want to find something I can do for life and helps me to be healthy and fit. Especially if that includes losing some weight. The things I am reading so far make sense to me anyway.

 Also for new years resolutions I chose to 
1. take things day by day more and be in the moment more

2. All of the family will have the opportunity to learn to play the piano. How you ask? From my dear mentor/friend Ms Merrilee Webb and her program. Click here to read more. I for one will be participating!! (so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

3. Continue to exercise 5 days a week

4. Commit to become closer to my Lord and Savior.

5. Fix the food issues...see above... 

What are your goals? Do you believe in resolutions? 

 LOVES for ME!!

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