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Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Menu!

Monday 20th
Breakfast-3+1 omelet with sauteed veggies, wheat toast and 1 C Berries
Lunch-Cobb Salad w homemade balsamic dressing
Dinner-salsa chicken and slow cooker refried beans in lettuce wraps and veggies 

Tuesday 21
Breakfast-1 Cup nonfat Greek yogurt ½ C berries and whole wheat toast
Lunch-Stir fry over quinoa and tomato cucumber salad with lemon juice
Dinner-tilapia, squash and broccoli

Wednesday 22
Breakfast- oatmeal, an apple and Greek yogurt
Lunch-mini turkey meatloaf with tomato and onion in a lettuce “bun”
Dinner-Chicken Garbanzo Nicoise Salad and roasted veggies w salad

Thursday 23
Breakfast-3+1 omelet, roasted yam hash browns and berries
Lunch-chicken broth with garbanzos and veggies
Dinner-baked chicken with sauerkraut, veggies and apples
sliced cucumbers with no oil hummus
apple and cheese stick
berries and greek yogurt
skinny shake

apple and peanut butter

I am loving the below mentioned Bob Harper's Skinny rules and even with some cheating my husband and I have lost some weight! He is down 10lbs and I am down 8.5lbs! Yay! It is no where as hard as I thought it would be and we are full continually. (except before bed which is part of the plan.)  :) I am missing sugar though! He wants no sugar.  Including artificial sweeteners. Those desires can be dealt with on our splurge time luckily.  

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