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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A traditon My Mom Started..What to do with your non-believers?

Let's face it.  There is going to be a time when even the best believers become jaded.  As a child I knew a long time before my mother and I talked about it BUT because she told me that if I didn't believe Santa would not bring me presents anymore, (Duh! It would have been mom and dad at that point but I was a kid! I didn't put it together), I continued with the charade.  I remember when I was 12 years old a few months before Christmas, my mom asking me if she could talk to me in her bedroom alone.  She sat me down and gently told me that she and dad were Santa etc.  Then she said the neatest thing in the world!! She asked if I would like to be Santa's helper.  OF COURSE!!! On Christmas Eve, after the sibs were asleep, I would sneak out of my room and help her stuff stockings and get the scene set for the next morning.  It was the BEST!! Now my focus had changed from wanting to tell all the other children the "truth" to being part of the wonderful season and keeping Santa alive. It has become a right of passage now in my house with my kids.  When they turn 12 (yes I am pretty sure they know long before this but its when we do it so its when we do it) I bring them in on the secret and promote them to Santa's helpers.  It is fun to watch them plan how they are going to sneak out of their rooms and even more fun to see them work really hard at keeping the younger ones believing!! We make them go to bed before any of the big things are brought out so they still get lots of surprises Christmas morning.  They have even asked if they can have a budget and stuff my hubby and my stocking so we can have a surprise too.  Definitely something I am considering.  It actually sounds fun!! They also are in charge of the elf on a shelf activities all month long. (Click here about the elf.)  It is a win win situation because we have help and they still enjoy the holiday with a new exciting perspective.  What do you do with your non believers? Comment! I'd love to hear!!

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